Sailors (18 months - 36 months old)

Children at this age are meant for lots of movements and hands-on experiences. Through exploration of the rich environments we carefully set up, the goal is to support children's development of a healthy and happy sense of self, while introducing routines for them to be ready for the next step.

Explorers (2.5 - 4 years old)

Children at this stage start to develop a stronger sense of self and enjoy taking the initiatives of their daily exploration. We would love to nurture this most amazing spark at young children's hearts for it to last a life time! While encouraging children's freedom to explore, our curriculum are thoughtfully planned to teach our young learners social skills, as well as problem solving skills.

Captains (4 - 5 years old)

Children's thought process and feelings become more sophisticated at this age, and they are full of potentials! We facilitate our Giant Captions' kindergarten readiness with lots of fun experiences, utilizing their emerging verbal and literacy skills and interests to create lots of narratives and stories. Many exciting projects will be happening to keep up with their busy minds!


Rich Environment

Reggio Emilia Approach firmly believes that "Environment is the child's third teacher". Our teachers carefully plan and prepare the environments for children to explore and discover their interests and imagination daily. 

Problem Solving

Through children's exploration at our rich environments, children learn and are encouraged to solve problems with guidance or independently. 

Project-Based Learning

Problems emerges as children explore the world around them. Children's inquiry to knowledge will allow them to solve problems. This valuable process guides teachers to plan projects for children to deepen their understanding on the subjects of their inquiry.  

Language and Cultural Immersion

Our curriculum provides Chinese immersion experiences for children to acquire Chinese language (Mandarin). We use a combination of natural and guided learning methods to increase children's language competency progressively.

Community Building

Our curriculum emphasizes on building a sense of community among children, families and staff. We conduct events relating to children's projects at school for families to participate, contribute and have fun together!

Diversity and Inclusion

We values diversity in our society and teach children about compassion at early age. Our environments reflect such values to children and encourage children to be respectful for each person's differences.