Mandarin Immersion Program

Mandarin immersion is for everyone!

Our Mandarin immersion program is designed for speakers of all languages. It is for anyone who wants to expand children's horizons through their early childhood education with a Mandarin immersion environment.

Providing young children early exposure to another language and culture is such a gift - they absorb the language like sponges, they become open to new experiences, and they learn to appreciate differences and diversity at a young age. The benefits for children's cognitive and social development have a long-lasting impact on children's learning journey. Children develop cultural sensitivity, empathy and creativity. It is never too early to start!

The Mandarin immersion program at Marco Polo Children's School consists of two major components:

  • Natural Learning:

Natural learning component is based on our Reggio Emilia approach - children learn the language through hands-on projects that are built upon their inquiries, curiosity and interests. Children's natural curiosity guides our teachers to design the classrooms to reflect and expand their topics of interests. Through this natural learning process, children will pick up words and sentences from their interaction with teachers and peers in their daily exploration.

  • Speaking Foundation:

Speaking foundation component is to supplement children's language development through the natural learning component with teacher-guided, language-specific circle time to increase their language accuracy. It is essential to establish a solid foundation to ensure their success in learning Chinese later in life. In our daily circle time, teachers strategically create communicative context for children to express their thoughts and topics relevant to their daily life. 


The best way to learn about our program is to try it! Marco Polo Children's School provides free trials for families who are interested in enrolling their children.  

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