Our Mission

          With a strong belief in each child’s ability to lead their own learning, we co-construct knowledge that flows from children's abundant imaginations and curious minds. Together we explore our worlds, expand our hearts, and embrace the novelties in our lives.

Mission Statement

Explore Our Worlds


Children learn tremendously when they take initiatives to explore the world around them. Our school provides aesthetic, fun and developmentally appropriate environments for children to grow physically and cognitively through projects inquired and initiated by children’s own interests and curiosity.

Expand Our Hearts


Children’s hearts stretch and grow as they develop. Our program strives to help our children grow socially and emotionally in our loving and safe environments. From self-caring to relating to others with great compassion, our program teaches children to understand their emotions and build their interpersonal skills at young age.

Embrace Novelties


Growing is a constant process of embracing novelties and expanding our horizon. What can be a better way to teach children to embrace novelties in life with a foreign culture and language immersion experience? Through child-initiated projects, we teach children to embrace new experiences with excitement, creativity and courage.