Our Story

          Marco Polo Children’s School is founded by three passionate dreamers - an adventurous entrepreneur, a talented architect, and a passionate educator. They are all parents with multiple children, who share passion, visions and dreams for creating a perfect early childhood education program that best serves, supports and inspires young children and families. This dedication brought them to work hand-in-hand and finally to the launch of Marco Polo Children’s School in June 2018. 

          The name of the school is inspired by the famous explorer, Marco Polo, symbolizing a spirit of adventure and exploration, similar to a child who is starting out on a quest to discover what’s around her and embarking on a journey of knowledge. The name inspired by the Italian explorer, Marco Polo, also symbolizes the origin of the school’s education philosophy -Reggio Emilia Approach- from Italy. 

          Marco Polo was most famous for his documented expeditions to China. The fruitful cultural connections created by the spirit of Marco Polo passed on from generations to generations; However, this time, we are taking the spirit of Marco Polo, along with its knowledge and experience in China, to take on a new journey of exploration to another continent - North America. Our dream is to create the same great language and culture impact that passes on from time to time, and expand horizons of the people who join our journey.